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By joining us below you are contributing to our crowdfunding campaign by paying for membership before the full Team Pepper platform is built

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"I’m in, I will use my voice, my name and my support to push for a more equal world"


per year

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Everyone’s voice is important and valuable. Even if you’re not currently in the position to pay for a membership - contact us. We’ll do our best to set you up with a sponsored membership!

Gifting Plan

Founder Member

"I know the perfect Founder Member for Team Pepper, I would like to gift this to someone special…"


per year

Buying membership as a gift for someone you know.

Personalise your membership gift with one of the important messages below

to be included in the email that will be sent together with the "gift" of becoming a Founder Member

  • "This team needs you"
  • "For the person who has everything, except equal opportunities and rights"
  • "I wish I had this at your age"
  • "I love you and you deserve better"
  • "Happy Christmas/Happy New Year - make this one count"

Sponsor another member

"I believe in this team and fighting for equality and would like to help others to join"


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Enable others to join who are not in the position to pay themselves.

Corporate Sponsorship Plans

"Our organisation believes that diversity is essential and that urgent action is needed, we understand how Team Pepper can help our employees, customers and society as a whole."

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Founder Supporter for small To Medium Organisations


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Become a
Founder Corporate Supporter For Larger Organisation

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