About Team Pepper

Welcome to Team Pepper! We are at the very start of an exciting journey to build a new global community, to fight for equality, women and all underrepresented groups.

Meet the

Meet the founders

  • jh

    Julia Hiles

    Julia Hiles

  • tb

    Taryn Beaudoin

    Taryn Beaudoin

  • jp

    Jillian Piccione

    Jillian Piccione

Our Values

Listening and forever learning

This is at the heart of Team Pepper. We only really know our own view of the world, based on what we have experienced. In order to create a safe, inclusive, fun and supportive community for all members we will be continuously listening and learning.

Nurturing the magic of diversity

We believe that everyone will benefit if we maximise the benefits of diversity from our members, our employees and also impacting societies and the world around us.  We are all missing out on so much of this magic at the moment and we are making it our responsibility to do what we can to improve this.


Empathy for others and a desire to help where we possibly can.


The clue is in the name ;-) Our plan is to take the next step together and it will ONLY work if we do this as a team.  We want you to ask questions, give feedback, raise issues and help shape where we put our time and attention.

Honesty and Transparency

We fully appreciate that we are asking people to trust us with our plan. To make sure you are comfortable with how we are using your membership fees, we will be fully transparent about our plans, what we are focusing on and why.